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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  May 12, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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we have talked about making the plate smaller, try chop sticks. i am telling you, it's going to help you. >> eric: i will be there all day. >> jamie: right. >> it works. >> jamie: it's great for the dog for all the food that falls? >> happy mothers day. >> jamie: thank you very much, to all the moms, especially the military moms. thanks so much, guys. >> eric: we start a new hour with a fox news alert. there are new demands for congressional investigations into two explosive and developing stories today. the irs, targeting conservative groups, leading up to the 2012 general election. and new questions over the obama administration's handling of the benghazi attack. we first start this morning with benghazi. you know, after hearings last week, lawmakers are speaking out, focusing on a string of emails that seem to suggest there were a lot more changes in the initial official story than first thought. good morning and welcome to a
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brand-new hour of america's news headquarters. >> jamie: hi, everybody. happy mothers day. press secretary jay carney took some serious heat this week -- a lot of people did on the issue, from white house reporters. this was on friday. >> eric: absolutely. but now a growing number of lawmakers are calling on house speaker john boehner to create a select committee to investigate the benghazi attack. steve centanni is live in washington with the latest on that. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, eric. plenty of friction on the sunday talk shows, on the revelation of emails that show revisions in the controversial talking points about what happened. republicans claim a coverup as the obama administration labored to make the attack look like the aftermath of a spontaneous demonstration and not a preplanned terrorist attack. four americans, including the u.s. ambassador to libya, of course, killed in that attack.
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darrell issa who has led the charge in the administration's handling of the affair. says that many questions remain unanswered. >> was the response correct? could it have been better? why weren't things tried or revved up to be tryd? and then afterwards, how could you change the talking points 12 times from what seems to be relatively right to what seems to be completely wrong. >> reporter: democrats say there was no coverup and there were no new revelations. they say the administration didn't deny that it was a terrorist attack. >> the day after the attack, the president called it a terrorist attack. susan rice, in those interviews on sunday, described a violent extremist element who is took over the attack. so i really think that this has become a very, very partisan-focused, scandal-focus attack by the republicans investigating this, instead of trying to figure out exactly
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what happened. >> reporter: so republicans demanding more key witnesses, more further investigation be undertaken. and rand paul, the senator says hillary clinton, the secretary of state at the time, is guilty of dereliction of duty and is unfit to hold any higher office. >> eric: all right, steve. thanks so much. >> jamie: we have been telling you a lot about this special committee that will investigate the attack of benghazi. house minority leader nancy pelosi seems to be concerned about how much time congress will spend on the issue. >> we certainly have to give the full attention that benghazi deserves. >> sure. >> but we cannot let it soak up all of the congressional attention. what would be the purpose of that? >> jamie: so limiting it from the start, in her words. republican new york congressman peter king, a member of the homeland security committee, chairman and of the subcommittee on counter terrorism and intelligence. congressman, good morning. >> good morning, jamie.
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how are you. >> jamie: i'm great. what a week in washington. wow. we have learned so much. let's stick to benghazi on this. what questions do you still have? >> first of all, jamie, this has been a shameful dereliction of duty by this administration. we have many questions unansweredanswered and it goes o what i call a coverup, going back to the day of the attack when they started this phony story, being driven by a video. the most serious allegation the president of the united states has is to protect americans to represent and defend our country. when four americans are killed, it is not politics as usual to pedal a phony story to cover up failings by the administration. they have continued to do it. and jay carney's terrible display last friday cum mate -- culminate what is has been eight months of a dereliction of duty, misleading by the administration, which is why up until now, i have had questions
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about whether or not we need aid special committee. darrell issa has done a wonderful job. i think it's important to drive home how important this is and that we will never allow americans to be killed overseas. i believe it's important to set up a select committee to investigate it, giving them full powers to do whatever has to be done to find out what the truth is here, no matter what nancy pelosi says. this should not be partisan. i am surprised so many democrats are still trying to resist this and saying it's a political issue. it is not. it is a moral issue that goes to the president's responsibility to the american people. >> jamie: we heard from one of the mother who is lost her son, who on this mothers day will not be able to have him with her. she blames former secretary of state hillary clinton who had some pretty stunning comments about spending time on this and looking into it. you mentioned nancy pelosi as l. i think the american people -- the sense i get from those who are in touch with me -- want to
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get to the bottom of this no matter what it takes and how long it takes. you know, to be fair, when the president deserves credit, you give it to him. bow this particular issue, from what i have seen and the questions you have asked at these hearings, you are outraged. what should happen to the president? >> i -- i really am. when jay carney continues to say the cia prepared these talking points. that's absolute nonsense. they were prepared by the cia, when they were sent to the white house were totally different from the final product. they were revised by the white house, by the state department. that's the purpose of a select committee. that's what was done in watergate and iran/contra. i don't want to say who is responsible because we don't know. that's the importance of having a select committee. but again, this is not just -- you are talking about how much money in a tax return or whether or not national debt, what the exact amount is -- we are talk
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about this lives and deaths of americans. to be faking that story is just inexcusable. we have to find out who did it, why it was done and who allowed it to happen. and what happened that friday, saturday, and sunday. >> jamie: i know you will search for the truth. well now, i guess, there are revelations that 12 revisions were made. many of our viewers know what they are, already. tell me, let's listen to jay carney. is this the truth or a lie? listen. >> the white house, as i said, made one minor change to the talking points, drafted by and produced by the cia -- and even prior to that made very few -- had very few inputs on it. the other... discussions that went on prior to this in an inter-agency process reflected the concerns of a variety of agency who is had a stake in this issue. >> jamie: true or false? >> totally untrue. totally untrue.
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the changes were extensive, they changed the entire tone and substance of the talking points, totally different from what the cia determined and jay carney knows that. to say this is an old story. tell that to the parents of the family members of four americans who were killed. and everything he is saying is not true -- >> jamie: quickly con am up against a hard break, what should happen? what's the price to pay for this? >> there has to be -- i believe a select committee, a full investigation. as we find out who is responsible, they should be out -- out the door. >> jamie: including the president. >> let's see. i don't want to over step this. >> jamie: you bring up watergate, many have said, we haven't seen anything like this since then. thank you congressman. your insight is so critical. keep asking the questions, give us the are answers. >> thank you. happy mothers day.
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>> jamie: thank you research. >> eric: new developments on the other controversy brewing this sunday morning. that's the irs targeting of conservative group, leading up to the 2012 election. fox news is confirming that high-ranking officials knew of that targeting as early as 2011, 18 months before the presidential election. targeting that apparently focused on groups with names like tea party, patriots and 912 coalition. the government watchdog report shows that this woman who runs the irs's division that oversees all tax-exempt groups, she found out about this targeting in a meeting in june of 2011. jay carney releasing a statement in the last hour saying that president obama, quote, is concerned that the conduct of a small number of internal revenue service employees may have fallen short of that standard...
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>> eric: was this the ominous power of the nation's federal taxings authority used to silence the critics? or was it a standard bureaucratic way to oversee many tax-exempt groups. we have a spokesman for jeb bush and a former adviser to hillary clinton's presidential campaign. good morning. thank you for being with us this morning. justin, we heard the statement from jay carney, calling a, quote, small number of employees, but they say they seem to be the most senior officials of the irs? >> well, it's typical of the obama administration, trying to isolate this to a small number of employees, but what is the culture at the irs that anyone in the irs and the obama
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administration would think that the word patriot would be used to give additional scrutiny, additional inquire tow groups that had the word patriot? what's more offensive to me is that even once the senior officials found out this was being done, they changed it and they thought they were making it better by allowing the groups to get higher scrutiny if they were trying to educate voters on the bill of rights in the constitution. i want to know what at the irs -- what they found so offensive about the first and the second amendment and the bill of rights that they felt it was okay to do that. i think it was good for jay carn tow come out with a statement in the last hour. but i think that president obama needs to address this issue personally, or else it will be seen as a wink and a nod to the irs that this was okay. >> eric: richard, do you think they did anything wrong? >> let's look at the facts. a 501/c 4 is like the fraternal
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order of police. that gets tax exempt party. is the tea party group a social welfare group? that's a question. there were 300 applications, only 75, a quarter were those that were investigated that had tea party or something like that in its name. the other three-quarters had nothing to do with this so-called political attack. second, lois learner, the person in charge of this, was three levels down from the irs commissioner. who was himself a bush appointee for a six-year term. she says she never talked with a single person from the obama administration, that these were career people, doing this analysis. so the notion that you could take career people actually doing what i think was an efficient way to sift who was legitimate social welfare group, three levels down from the commissioner, a bush appointee and saying that barack obama was responsible for this -- that's a
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bit much. i think even by standards of anybody who is watching this program. >> eric: doug shulman, the irs commissioner, may have been a bush employee, but he is under barack obama. >> eric, it's the suggestion that he was doing political bidding. incidentally, he denies knowing about this. everybody's making all of these leap, based on nothing, on -- on just -- to surmise, it's hypothesis and guesswork. all the facts have zero, zero connection with any political appointee, within the obama administration. i know it looks -- on the face of it, the irs going after tea party. that's unsubstantiated. >> eric: is it unsubstantiated? >> notice. it is not unsubstantiated. there is going to be an inspector general's report. and we know that some of the facts of that report are going to come out in the media reports. it is true that the groups that
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the irs targeted groups that had the word patriot and they changed it when they found out about it to educate voters on the constitution, the bill of rights. that's undisputable. there was a culture at the irs that the people thought that this was okay. if this was the aclu or liberal group, president obama probably would have made a statement about it already. the american people deserve to know the answers. the first amendment and the protection of the first amendment is vitally important. if the american people think that the irs can be used as a tool to silence, to scrutinize groups that are expressing their first amendment rights, that will have a chill on the first amendment that will make this country a place where people are free to express their opinions. >> eric: do we know if any liberal groups were targeted -- you have organizing for america? that's the president's re-election effort. you have organizing for action.
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are they being investigated now? how about move on dot-org or the center for american progress you? mentioned 300 groups. any of those groups looked at? do we know? >> here's what we do know, of 300, only a quarter had patriot or tea party in their name. we don't know the rest of the three-quarters. i bet you -- i would submit to you that there are probably groups that were on the left that were part of that as well because we know that everybody who was on the right was feeling the heat and was raising cane about this. that was one-quarter of 300. i am sure the faces will come out. you are raising a perfectly legitimate point? have we heard from the people on the left -- [overlapping dialogue] >> well, again, remember, there was not a single group whose tax-exempt status was restricted by virtue of this so-called investigation by these irs employees. not one. most of them were approved.
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a few were you -- a few withdrew them. so again, we are going hypothesis on top of hypothesis here, based on utter surmise. again, there are not the facts to support it. they will come out and we will find out. >> there were a number of groups that withdrew their application. so we don't know whether this additional scrutiny forced those groups to withdraw their applications -- >> maybe they weren't legitimate. that's why. >> we don't know. >> eric: we will see about the utter surmise, the house ways & means committee is demanding information by this wednesday. this issue is not going away. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> jamie: there is more breaking development in the kidnapping investigation out of cleveland. what a house of horrors. fox news obtaining dramatic new video showing the moment that police stormed the home and
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rescued the women. this is amateur cell phone video from an eyewitness at the scene, providing a much clearer picture of and exactly what happened ine rescue, following all the developments for us, lee we go live to cleveland. >> reporter: good morning, the neighbor who shot the video was standing in the street, one home down from ariel castro when the police went into the home and found gina dejesus and michelle knight. you can see the police, preparing to break down the front door, after amanda berry's heroic escape and dramatic 911 phone call. >> help me, i'm amanda berry. i have been kidnapped. i have been missing for 10 years. i'm here, i'm free now. >> reporter: just this past hour, lawyers for the three women making statements they have prepared, saying in part, in thanking the community and the investigators for everything. the support, all the work on their behalf and the outpouring
8:18 am
of love this past week and the past 10 years. gina dejesus saying, i am so happy to be home. the three women pleading for privacy and time to heal before they share their stories. >> there may be a time at some point in the future that miss berry, miss dejesus and miss knight will want to tell their stories. let me make this very clear, that will not be while the criminal proceeding is pending t. will not be until they tell us they are ready to do so. >> reporter: today, the particularly special day for these three women, it's the first mothers day they will have the opportunity to be with their families in 10 years. gina dejesus' mother calling it the best mothers day present ever. >> jamie: one can only imagine. garret, welcome to the fox news team. tough story to start with. you are doing a great job. >> eric: a little girl was murdered in her home, she was
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stabbed repeatedly. authorities unleash a desperate manhunt for her killer. but they have made an arrest in the death of 8-year-old leila flower. and the person in custody, even more shocking. >> jamie: that's an understatement. we have incredible video. there is a massive wall of ice, rising out of a lake and it could destroy a bunch of homes. we will show you this incredible video when we return.
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>> jamie: welcome back, everybody. mortgage rates tumble to a record low. freddie mac reporting the 15-year fixed rate is 2.56%. that's incredible. in today's take-charge consumer protection segment, i wanted to tell you how to benefit from the amazing rates. you may think you can't afford to a switch to a 15 year, maybe you can, if you are planning on refinancing. joining me now, kendra todd. welcome back.
8:24 am
>> thanks, jamie, you know what i tried to do in these segments, i try to help people save money. mortgages can be intimidating. first of all, what do you think about these rates? have we ever seen them before? >> no, this is a new, all-time low for the 15-year mortgage. you know, the viewers might be thinking, what's so new and noteworthy with a fap-year mortgage? it's been around forever. here's what's exciting. right now, you have nearly a 1 percentage point rate spread between a 15-year and a 30-year fixed. have you a whole group of homeowners who near 30-year fixed mortgages right now at 5% or higher who if they refinance into a 15-year mortgage, they might be able to get a lower mortgage payment, pay their property off in half the time and save 10s of thousands of dollars in interest. >> jamie: that's the key that i wanted to point out to folks. a 15 year is often not
8:25 am
affordable because the payments are more. but if you think about it, over time, the extra 15 years of interest can have you not paying any principle off for the first 10 years. >> that's exactly right. >> jamie: at what year should you be considering converting the 30 year you went in to save mon tote all-time-low 15-year rate? >> typically, a 15-year mortgage is going to double your mortgage payment in comparison to a 30 year. the people that are going to benefit from refinancing right now into a 15-year are those who have about 30% equity if their properties and if they refinance into that 15-year, they can save about $seventy to $1,000 in interest for every $100,000 in loan payment. >> jamie: staggering amount of
8:26 am
savings. it sounds like you could buy a success home. >> exactly. this is a great opportunity for people who have a second home or an investment property to think about refinancing those into a 15 year as well. >> jamie: how tough are the banks? are the requirements the same as a homeowner who put 10 or 15% or if they can make the 20% and not have the private mortgage insurance situation. is it tougher to get a 15-year? >> it is not tougher to get a 15-year mortgage. you do have to have cash in the ba going to be dealing with lower loan-to-value ratio, so have you to put more money down. you have to have that on your side. however, i don't want people who are watching the show right now and cannot get into a 15-year mortgage to feel discouraged. there is a trick -- there is a way that you can actually reduce
8:27 am
the term of a 30-year mortgage. it's through a biweekly payment. it's very simple, folks. all have you to do is pay one additional mortgage payment per year and you can pay off a 30-year loan in 22 to 24 years. >> jamie: that's true. the banks hate you because you just took money out of your pocket. you make one extra payment a year and you cut the term of your loan down. don't forget, folks, you don't have to refinance the entire balance of your mortgage, maybe you could split it up and refinance a portion. kendra, this is great. this definitely hopes. thank you for being part of my take-charge consumer protection segment. >> thanks. >> eric: coming up, we will have the latest on the tragic murder of a little girl, compounded by who police have arrested for her killing. [ female announcer ] he could be your soulmate. but first you've got to get him to say, "hello."
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>> eric: we have a fox news alert. police have made a shocking arrest in the murder of 8-year-old leila fowler. two weeks ago, she was mysteriously stabbed to death in her home in nowhere california. at first, police searched for a home-invasion-type intruder. but now, another heartbreaking result. hello, william? >> reporter: this is bizarre. do police have a confession or just physical evidence that the killer of this 8-year-old girl is her 12-year-old brother. police are not saying much. but here's what we know. leila fowler was fatally stabbed in her home on april 27. her brother, ail visible presence asat candle-white vigils claimed he saw a killer with long white hair, fleeing the house while he was baby-sitting. a neighbor initially corroborated that story but
8:33 am
later recanted. now leila, while relieved that the manhant is over, news of the boy's arrest has stunned the small community near sacramento. >> you should have seen the whole family and gave the 12-year-old a hug. to hear that, it's kind of scary. >> i am really shocked now that he -- did that to his sister. >> reporter: so the murder last month of such a young child made headlines, the 12 yearly boy was home alone with list sister while the parents attended a little league game. he claims to have seen a man running from the house and called 911. police launched a massivemanr manhunt, sex offenders and parolees were questioned. police seized several knives from the home to determine if one was used as a murder weapon. >> now 15 days, we have conducted an extensive investigation.
8:34 am
these types of cases require a considerable amount of time. it was our commitment to make sure that we did a thorough job as possible. >> reporter: we have chosen not to reveal this boy's name or show his picture, even though it is widely available. police say he will be charged with murder. >> eric: just so tragic and sad on both counts. thanks so much. we know the benghazi terrorist attack was the focus of congressional hearings this past week. with more, possibly to come. now for a look beyond the benghazi news, here's liz trotta's sunday commentary. >> reporter: in considering testimony in the benghazi hearing last week, few virtues emerged, except for the courage of the whistle-blowers, their harrowing accounts provide the framework for a chapter in american history, riddled with selfishness, vindictiveness,
8:35 am
audacity, shamelessness and fear. men and women who would do and did anything to save their skins and their careers. those who gambled and those who lost their lives on 9/11 of last year have not been honored about what increasingly appears to be a labyrinth of lies to shield obama and hillary. it's particularly sickening to hear how mrs. clinton's supply flying squad of devoted warriors in the state department, strong-armed and dressed down any colleague who would dare raise questions about her actions. deceit after deceit, after ambassador stevens and three more americans died, believing their country would never let them down. we heard a lot of talking about the talking points so far, but what have our far-flung military commitment isn't greatest fighting machine in the world? how could that force repeatedly stand down in what was clearly an attack by our enemies?
8:36 am
only the president as commandener chief can give that order -- did he? or was hillary substituting that night, having gotten the famous 3:00 a.m. phone call. i can't resist quoting napoleon, only an hourave when he said, quote, as to moral courage, virarely met with 2:00 in the morning courage, i mean instantaneous courage. the two u.s. official who is oversaw an internal review of the ax tacks were invited to the house committee hearing, but declined to attend. former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, mike mullen, and former ambassador tom pickerring. in defense of the white-wash report that avoid good indictment to state department top brass, pickerring said, quote, our marching orders were to get to the bottom of what happened and that's what we did. he's also quoted as saying that the whole investigation wasitant
8:37 am
amount to pulistser-prize-level fiction. so much for impartiality. as for mr. mullen, a retired general, he is just one of the failed ark techs of our wayward military policy in the middle-east. the navy complimented a fallen david petraeus. will someone please explain how we were left naked in the face of terror? former secretary of defense, leon panetta practically turned himself into a pretzel in making excuses for the standdown. the current chairman for the joint chief, general martin dempsey joined the fog of no war from benghazi from the start. senator john mccain described the general's testimony to a senate committee last february as the most bizarre he had ever heard. we ghot a clearer picture of our military incidents at the hearings, benghazi was too far for any of our airplanes to arrive in time. there was no refueling capacity for the aircraft, fighters
8:38 am
flying low passes wouldn't have made any difference, et cetera, et cetera. what can only imagine what the special forces, reduced to four men because of security cuts must have been thinking when their mission to benghazi was aborted as they headed for the airport. where were the seals? or the delta force? or any defendener our vast arsenal of military power that night? avoidance was the bye word. it had to have come from the top. this story is alive, already there are calls for a special bipartisan committee, demands to question general dempsey, a campaign to subpoena hillary. the obama/clinton matrix of democrat who is want to keep their jobs or get better once will not go down easily. the white house will continue to insist this is about politics and nothing else. the question is, how they clear up the blood already in the water.
8:39 am
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>> amanda berry says, quote, thank you so much for everything you are doing and continue to do. i am so happy to be home with my family. jeepa dejesus says, quote, i am so happy to be home. i want to thank everyone for all your prayers. i just want time now to be with my family. michelle knight says, thank you to everyone, quote, thank you to everyone for your support and good wishes. i am healthy, happy and safe and will reach out to family, friends and supporters in good time. >> jamie: god bless those women.
8:44 am
it's a remarkable story of survival that is coming out of cleveland, the three women who endured years of captivity. each trapped in a home for about a decade. and police say now that their accused kidnapper, ariel castro, tortured and raped them. he is behind bars. prosecutors weighing seeking the death penalty against him. he has been charged with kidnapping and rape. the healing process has to begin for these women. can they heal? this forensic psychiatrist is here. doctors, thank you so much. >> thanks, jamie. >> jamie: wow. i don't know where to begin. i am sure they might need some medical care. i was told one of these women may need some facial reconstruction from beatings. clearly there was a pregnancyma. about what about the psychologgal and psychiatric impact of a 10-year captivity? >> it's really a horrendous
8:45 am
story. these women have a very long road to recovery. tell take many, many years of they werey and surrounding themselves with people that they can dispruft being in a supportive environment. their whole world has been shattered. their lives have been irreversibly changed and it's going to take a long time for them to get back to any sense of normalcy. >> jamie: thanks to my colleague, kimberly guilfoyle, i met elizabeth smart and heard her speak. she is one of the more well-known cases of captivity. she went through some similar things of tort and you are sexually assault and away from her family. it seems like something happens to the brain, according to elizabeth and maybe these victims as well, where they have to put themselves in a different place mentally, just to get through. if that's the case, as elizabeth described it to us, how quickly can they transition back to their families?
8:46 am
is that difficult? >> well, yes. have you to remember that these women near a situation where they have been in an environment where they have been abused and essentially tortured. so it's going to be very hard for them to trust any luman beings, even their family at first. i am sure, initially, they are going to be standoff-ish and guarded and wanting to protect themselves. but to be in a situation like this, your mind has to go to a place where it can defend itself to -- it's just a self preservation instinct. >> jamie: is there any sense by people who go through this -- i am thinking of shawn horn back, the young man who was taken into captivity and sexually abused. they are treated less than we treat animals in these situations. is there any sense in their mind , after time that they in some way deserve this treatment or that this becomes normal? >> lyou know, i have used the analogy of an abusive relationship. after a while, what seems
8:47 am
shocking and horrible starts to become normal. you start to become used to it. and in some sense, your spirit is beaten down to the point where you do think you deserve it and you do feel less than human. >> jamie: how should society react to these girls as they re-enter? >> i think it's important to avoid the impulse to try to speak with them. they need time to be with their families and people that love them and people they can develop a sense of trust w. so backing off and giving them time to come around is the best thing tathat can be done for them jierksri uthey are asking for that respect. will the families need counseling for re-integration, similar to when troops come back, sometimes repatriation is hard for them. >> i was going to use that analogy. it is like troops coming home. you lose a sense of yourself and the relationships that you had before the event occurred.
8:48 am
>> jamie: it is not an understatement to say that all of our hearts and prayers are with these women. we hope to see justice done in this case. very interesting discussion. thank you so much. >> glad to be here. thank you. >> jamie: eric? >> eric: it seems o.j. simpson never disappears. remember the trial in l.a. in '95? >> take that, mr. fung? remember all that stuff? then kardashian's stunned look like this when o.j. simpson was found not guilty in front of judge ito. five years ago, they did put him in prison. tomorrow, he will ask for his freedom. could o.j. be back on the golf course soon? remember when dennis rodman cozeied up to the north korean president. but could rodman free an imprisoned american?
8:49 am
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>> jamie: dozenis rodman says he's headed back to north korea and add he can't understand why president obam won't speak to the north korean dictator. there was a man who was excellence sentenced to 15 years of hard labor. after they became quick friends, rodman is going to go to north korea and hopes to convince the dictator to release or reduce a man's sentence. when he makes that trip, tell happen in august. >> eric: o.j. simpson is heading back to the courtroom tomorrow morning. he is fighting his 2008 conviction in neverland for leading an armed robbery of a sports mem billiasm he will
8:54 am
argue for a new trial. could he get one? and would that mean he could go free? we have an o.j. simpson update. >> reporter: hi, eric. o.j.'s been in prison, four years, convicted of armed robbery and kidnapping. all along, o.j.'s claiming innocence and believing he was in his legal right to get his property back n. september of 2007, o.j. invaded this man, after getting word that dealers were selling o.j. memorabilia, including family photos in the police station at a hotel in vegas. o.j. testified that he and five friends went to the hotel to take back his property. >> i wasn't there to hurt anybody. i wanted my personal things. i realize, i was stupid -- i didn't mean to steal anything from anybody. i didn't know i was doing anything illegal. i thought i was confronting friends and retrieving my
8:55 am
property. >> reporter: it turned criminal when o.j. ordered no one was to leave the room. an accomplice told authorities he brought a gun to the tohotel room. o.j. has been serving his sentence in a correctional center. he has been popular amongst the inmate, coaching the basketball team. the lawyer who represented simpson in the trial was an out-of-state counsel who did work for o.j. in florida. simpson claims that his attorney advised him he was within his legal rights to retrieve his property. but nevada says it's a crime, even if you take his own property. i spoke to bob massey who followed the case from day one. massey believes that if o.j. can convince the judge of irineffective counseling, it will come down to the evidence. we will keep you posted on the outcome. >> eric: all right. o.j. in court again. sthanks so much, we'll be right
8:56 am
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>> jamie: my mom baked red velvet cupcakes for everybody. >> eric: thank you. >> happy mothers day. >> shannon: a firestorm over the irs decision to target certain political groups is getting hotter. a draft by the inspector general is calling into question who knew what, when. hadt says that senior officials at the irs knew that agency were putting tea peafert groupsurn the microscope. but the irs is pinning it on low-level employees, saying it was not politically motivate the doos doos has -- peter doocy has more. >> reporter: lawmakers are fired up about the irs targeting
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